About Us

The world of work is constantly changing and ever evolving. Employers are in constant battle to attract and retain best talent. Employers are looking for prospective employee with adequate knowledge, right skills and competence and more importantly the right behaviours that fit into their organisational culture

Mission & Values

Our mission is to provide exceptional service and solutions that inspire our clients, while upholding our core values of diversity, inclusion and equality

Perpetual Crown is here to help individuals find and prepare for role that best fit their personalities. We are in existence to support employers find the suitable candidate that best meet the aspiration of the organisation and the hiring manager. Perpetual Crown uniqueness is about services that consider diversity as part of our recruitment. Employers are in great demand to meet the aspiration of equality and fair representation of their environment, this is what makes us unique in our service.

Diversity Centric Organisation

We recruit and train we fairness and diversity in mind

Perpetual Crown is an eusthusiastic diversity-centric organisation that places inclusion and diversity at the core of everything we do. We are very clear about who we are, what the candidate wants and who the employers are looking for.

Our Values
· Working together, collaborating to achieve our vision
· Working together based on trust and respect
· Working together to be the best we can and reaching our goal
· Working together by doing the right thing with integrity
· Working together to deliver outstanding service to our :
Clients and Employers

One-Stop Shop
For Work

We are the link between the employers and prospective employees

Perpetual Crown is your world of work one stop shop supporting with recruitment, training and consultancy services. We have expertise as an organisation to making fast and long lasting connections between candidates and employers , we are know for keeping our promises and delivering the best possible service / solution to all our customers.

Our team of experienced professionals has years of expertise in recruitment, training and consulting...

We have the opportunity to support organisation tap into the society
to recruit diverse workforce be it in gender, ethnicity and disability.